Survival Training Courses
Survival Training Courses


Survival Training Courses Survival Training Courses

Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

The Survival Training Course is about living with nature and respecting the environment. You'll learn plenty of new skills in our survival training course, expand your horizons and meet new people. We promise you that at the end of the course you will never look at a woodland, or your own capabailities, in the same light again from our survival training course .

Our survival training course is designed to be a fun-filled, safe experience which delivers the knowledge needed for comfortable, striving living in the wilderness. The expert instructors in the bushcraft survival training course will spend one-on-one time with each student. You are encouraged to get fully involved and gain hands on experience of each activity in the survival training course.

The skills covered in the survival training course encompasses the fundamental principals of wilderness survival. In the survival training course you'll learn about building a safe and warm shelter with a an efficient cooking fire. You'll learn about water purification and the preparation of game and camp fire cookery. In addition to compass navigation, you'll learn about celestial navigation in our survival skill courses. You will also learn to identify plants in their natural habitats and which are edible and which ones to avoid a Woodland Ways survival training course has it all.

As you increase your knowledge throughout the survival training course, you'll also learn to track game and forage for natural foods. This experience, along with everything else you will learn during this fantastic survival training course, will reward you with the ability to feel both comfortable and capable in the wilderness.


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Free Survival Training Courses tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL TIP: Storm safety

To check how far a storm is away from you, count the number of seconds between the lightening and the thunder, this will indicate how far off the storm is in miles. If the delay is less than thirty seconds, seek a safe location immediately.

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Survival Training Courses Instructor .

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Survival Training Courses